I’m Billy.  Drawing, sketching, and designing is what I do. I think it, create it, then devise a plan for a specific function or end.

It is an innate talent I possess which was enriched by degrees in Advertising Design and Web Design @ Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.

In a word, DESIGN is what drives this site. In my life today, all roads lead there.

Creating an aesthetic, a preliminary sketch, or an arrangement of elements to carry out and accomplish something is what I do best.

Design is thinking made visual – SAUL BASS

With all of the websites I manage, Mid Mod Scout.com is another pet project.  It’s where I entered the world of mid-century modern and it’s undeniable aesthetic. 

It’s also an eCommerce site to shop for modern products mentioned on this site. You will learn facts about Mid Century Modern, news, product reviews, and much more.  So, check it out.

We love modernism!  and wish you all to See It Modern

Our plan is to share with you the unsurpassed artists and designers, history, current events, and opinions that make Modern Simple Designs your best choice.

My best,

Billy Bryant