Modern Simple Design - NO PITCH flat roof is one of the defining elements of mid century architecture.  Pure minimalism. Image nod: franckito

Modernism Gives Rise To Remarkable Design

Modern Simple Design is an easy phrase to write or speak. Yet, these three little words describe part of an Art & social movement called Modernism that evolved at the dawn of the 20th Century. It changed the world forever!

Hi! Welcome to our site about DESIGN. We’ll explore what makes great design and the designers who create it. Discover what styles are sustainable and classic. You may be surprised by the modern design that exists in your environment today!

What makes a DESIGN classic?  Over a period of time, it would be judged to be outstanding and of the highest quality.  “Modern” design is a prime example.  In the Modernism era,  industrial designers, artists, and composers created works considered to be classics and have stood the test of time. 

Regardless of the medium used,  mastering the subtraction of elements and leaving only the most essential is called minimalism.  “Less Is More” is a modernist approach to art and design. 

Obviously we are fans of this movement and style. So, there will be much written about it here, as well as, the creators of that era.

But, we will also explore new things on the horizon and what could be most popular in the future.

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Modernism Designers - Photography courtesy of: Ray & Charles Eames - " +", Joy Moyler - "Courtesy -", LeRoy Winbush - "", Cipe Pineles - "Trude Fleischmann", Finn Juhl - "Public Domain- Unknown Author", George Nelson - "By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,"


“Form follows function” The Designers are inspired to create art, furniture, interiors, graphic design, textiles, toys, exhibitions , multimedia and film accordingly.

Modernism will began tearing down the old traditional decorative style. Trading it in for a simple uncluttered look. Industrial Design is in full bloom!

Modernism Architects - Images courtesy of: Beverly Loraine Greene-"University of Illinois Archives", Eero Saarinen "", Paul R Williams - "1951. Herald Examiner Collection, Los Angeles Public Library", Frank Lloyd Wright - "Yousuf Karsh", Arne Jacobsen - "1961-1969 Photographer seier+seier", Le Corbusier - "Nina Leen -Life Magazine"


The Architects designed iconic, futuristic masterworks.  Furthermore, they’ll build mid-century homes sporting clean horizontal lines with low slung roofs.

Many of those architects would cross over & become famous in furniture design & home décor solutions.

Modernism Artists - photo credits: Basquiat- "Andy Warhol",Picasso- "Arnold Newman", Jackson Pollock - "Martha Holmes, Aaron Douglas - "Everett", Dali - "Philippe Halsman", Tarsila do Amaral - "Photographer Unknown"


The Artists bring modern art to its pinnacle during Modernism. They began forming abstract visions with expression, feelings and ideas. Creating something to be observed, not based in the REAL world.

This led to the most important art movements in the 20th Century – Impressionism, Expressionism – Fauvism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Cubism, Surrealism, and Abstract Art & more.

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